AgSs Law - Agung Supomo Suleiman - Independent Business Lawyer

Monday, 12 May 2008


Agung S. Suleiman, with the Praise To ALLAH the AL Mighty, was graduated from the Faculty of Law -  Universitas of Indonesia (1978). He practiced law for more than 30 years with the law firm of Adnan Buyung Nasution & Associates (Nasution, Lubis, Hadiputranto), as Partner at the law firm of Delma Juzar & Wiriadinata ( Wiriadinata & Widyawan), as in-house Legal Counsel of Huffco Indonesia (Virginia Indonesia Company) a major foreign oil and gas company operating in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, who exported LNG to Japan, as in-house Legal Counsel of PT Freeport Indonesia Company (one of the biggest world copper and gold mining company) who operates in Irian Jaya, Indonesia;

He gained broad and depth legal experience in handling legal matters relating to financing, bank credit facilities, loan restructuring, syndication loan of major projects and its privatizations such as the plants and infrastructures involved in the Mining and Oil and Gas Industries such as the Airports, the Special Shipping Ports.

He also handled corporate debt restructuring, due diligence, oil and gas contracts, general mining contracts, including negotiating with high government officials i.e. Pertamina negotiating team, assisting PT Freeport Indonesia Company in the acquisition and privatization of its Power Plant to Duke Power, 
assisting Unocal Geothermal in conducting due diligence in the acquisition of the power plant of Magma Nusantara Limited BV, corporate matters, investments, construction of major projects such as the Joint Operations of several of the Office Buildings in the Business City District in Jakarta, labor matters, immigration issues. 

He handles maritime and aircraft legal issues, insurance legal issues and also handling litigation matters, conducting surveys related to insurance risks managements issues, drafting insurance coverages clauses involved in the oil/gas, mining, construction hotel business operations. 

Agung S.Suleiman was involved assisting PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk. in issuing warrants, and accompanying PT Hotel Sahid International Tbk. in restructuring its Syndication Loan with the Bankers in Singapore, and for 3 years was assisting Noble Energy in drafting Loan Agreements, and its collaterals, Fiduciary Deeds, and registering the Fiduciary Deeds in the Fiduciary Office; He had been experienced being seconded in an oil Company conducting exploration through its Holding Company, until commercial production,   for 1 year in 2010 until 2011 ;  
He spent most of his formative years in Holland (high School The Indonesian School in Holland), West Germany, China ( Sacred Heart School - International School - Elementary School 1st Grade up to 4th Grade) and Argentina. 

Since June 1998, when the economic crisis hits Indonesia and for which he is really sensitive on the legal issues faced by the firms clients, during this economic crisis situation and is actively involved in assisting the firms clients in the restructuring of loans, Agung  become Self - Employed - Independent Business Lawyer with the Brand Name :  "Legal -AgsS Law",  

Thanks ALHAMDULILLAH with the Grace and Merciful of ALLAH, during these current years,  he  served his Professional Independent Business Lawyer serving several business corporations Clients  among others :

Oil and Gas Companies i.e : 

Unocal Indonesia, Unocal Geothermal, PT Energi Timur Jauh, Lapindo Brantas Inc.,             PT. Insani Mitrasani Gelam (Affiliates of Bakrie Group in the oil sector), PT Expand (Affiliates of Medco Group in the oil sector), Dynegy, PT Medco Energy, PT Patrindo Persadamaju, PT Golden Spike Energy,  PT Asiabumi Petroleo, PT Sumatera Persada EnergiPT Aman Resources Indonesia; PT Babat Kukui Energi,

Drilling Companies : 

PT Expand Petrogas Internusa ( "EPI"), PT Eddy Logging Services, PT Pacific Well Services,  
Management and Consultancy Oil and Gas :

PT Jeska Management Energi ( "JME")     

Coal Mining  Companies : Noble Coal (PT Pinang Coal ), PT Madhani Thalata, PT Dasa Eka Jasatama

Mining Company : PT Jeska Semen Global 

Securities Companies i.e. PT Tiga Pilar Sekuritas,  PT Harita Securities, 

Telecommunication Companies : PT Vasindo (telecommunication and IT /VOIP company), 

Steel Company : PT Bhirawa Steel,  PT Indonesia Asia Refractories. 

Agung Supomo Suleiman SH. is member of the PERADI (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia) (Indonesian Bar Association)  license to represent clients in the Indonesian Courts.