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Tuesday, 13 May 2008


AgsS Law 

Independent Business Lawyer, 

Agung Supomo Suleiman


Oil & Gas Sectors :
  • giving legal advices, legal opinions, legal due diligence, drafting contracts / legal documents relating to selling equity / participating interest in TAC, Production Sharing Contracts, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Farm in and Farm Out Agreements, Joint Operation Agreement, PSC - JOB, EOR, Shareholders Agreement within the oil /gas sectors.

  • Currently:  
  • (AgSs Law - Independent Business Lawyer)
  • NEW challenges and opportunities  are our day to day  life . 
  • Our Goal and Target is Professional  Performance in an efficient and effective manner to serve our Clients best business interests.
Clients experiencing our Legal Services :

OIL / GAS Companies  - Oil - Gas / Drilling/ Services Companies  :
  • Kodeco Energy, Unocal Indonesia, Unocal Geothermal, PT Medco Energi International Tbk., PT Expand Nusantara ( Affiliates of Medco Group), PT Energy Timur Jauh, (Holding of Bakrie Oil and gas Sector Companies), Kondur Petroleum SA, T.A.C. Pertamina - PT Binawahana Petrindo Meruap, TAC Pertamina - PT Patrindo Persadamaju, TAC Intermega Sabaku Pte.Ltd., PT Radiance Energy, Kodeco Energy, PT Golden Spike, JOB- Pertamina  - Golden Spike, PT Asiabumipetroleo,  PT Sumatera Persada Energi; PT Aman Resources Indonesia, PT Promatcon Tepatguna; PT Babat Kukui Energi,
  •  PT Sarku Enjinering Utama, PT Jati Tekno Prima, PT Exspan Petrogas Intranusa (EPI)         

Coal Mining activities:
Assisting clients in :
  • drafting / reviewing the Loan Agreement/Credit Agreements, Collateral Agreements,drafting and registering the Fiduciary Deeds at the Fiduciary Office , Coal Sales Contracts
  • giving legal advises to management. Prepayment Agreement relating to Coal transactions/ selling equity of Coal Mining Company, assisting Coal Financing & Trading companies in financing Coal Plants and purchasing Coal Products
Gold Company 

PT Indo Multi Niaga

Coal Mining Companies experiencing Legal Services :
  • Noble Coal International Inc., PT Dasa Eka Jasatama having Coal Mining Contracts with PT Pama Persada Nusantara, PT Jeska Mitra Energy ,  Coal Sales Contract, preparing financing loan agreements, fiduciary deeds, prepayment agreements relating to coal business & operations activities, checking corporate documents
Steel Company :

PT Bhirawa Steel 

Trading Company :

Systec Corporation, Osaka, Japan   

Energy Company :

PT Arena Maju Bersama 

Shipping Company :

PT Andalan Mitra Bahari 

Corporate Matters :
  • Legal advices and assist Clients on matters relating to the Indonesian legal corporate laws, from establishment of Companies, Joint Ventures Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Equity Acquisition, Mergers, Conducting legal due diligence and making the relevant Legal Report and Legal Opinion.


  • drafting/ reviewing Management Agreement, Technical Assistance Agreement, Trade Mark and Licensing Agreements
  • accompanying Clients in negotiations and meetings relating to their desires to enter into a cooperation agreement, management for the purpose to maintain growth, seeking opportunities for new investors and financiers to develop the sustainable smoothness operations of its hotel business operations.
  • conduct legal due diligence and make the Legal Opinions of the Hotel assets, corporate documents, its bank financing and credit agreements including its collateral relating to obtain the data to the prospective investors.
  • assist hotels management in restructuring its loan agreements with the bankers

Hotels/Properties Companies:
  • PT Sahid Hotel Jaya International Tbk., PT Koba Pangestu – Hotel Sahid Jogja, PT Satrya Bhima Sakti - Hotel Sahid Surabaya, PT Kusuma Sahid – Hotel Sahid Solo, PT Hotel Sahid & Co –Hotel Raya Solo
Hospitals :
  • PT Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospitals.
Insurance Companies :

  • PT. Atap Indah- Insurance Brokers and Consultants
Financing / Banking Sector
  • loan restructuring, drafting Loan Agreements, Credit Agreements, Shareholder Loan Agreements, Fiduciary Deeds among others PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International with Offshore Syndication Loans, PT Energy Timur Jauh ( Bakrie Group ) with Jakarta Prasarana and other legal services which includes conducting legal due diligence, PT JME  preparing Financing Loan Agreement, Participating Agreement, legal advices, legal opinions
  • presenting report of legal facts finding, attending legal meetings, involved in the restructuring transactions of the loans, issuing legal opinions related its credit facilities .
Bank / Financial Institutions / Securities Companies :
PT Mandiri Sekuritas Indonesia, PT Mandari Securities Indonesia, PT Harita Securities, Bank Panin, Victoria Advisory (Investment and Corporate Finance);

Constructions Works:
  • Drafting Construction Agreements, EPIC Agreements, Consortium Agreements, Plant Constructions, Draft Cooperation Construction Agreements for High Rise Buildings, research and advice on the rules and regulations relating to Construction Activities.
Construction Companies :
  • The Senior Partner Agung S.Suleiman experienced drafting Construction Agreement, EPIC (Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning) on Oil and Gas Plants and Buildings, Coal Production Plants, Construction for Turn Key Projects including, serving Clients among others Toda Corporation in Joint Operation Agreements with Jaya Konstruksi in the construction of office building Wisma Koeye Prince Building in Jalan Sudirman Jakarta.
  • Drafting and preparing the Consortium Agreements between parties who will be engaged in Construction Works and major infrastructures.
  • Drafting MOU, Cooperation Agreement for Construction and Development of High Rise Buildings of Sahid Group
Major Infrastructures Projects :
  • Our Senior Partner Agung Supomo Suleiman was involved in the team from the legal aspects, during privatization program in PT Freeport Indonesia, where most of its major infrastructures such as the Special ship ports including its vessels, Airports including its airplanes, telecommunications infrastructures was sold and privatized to other private companies, where corporate matters as well as financing issues had to be completed.
Insurances Companies :
  • experience in assisting insurance company conducting field survey seeking Insured tugboats / barges, cargoes, heavy equipments which were stranded in Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan, Indonesia following the river, drafting clauses in agreements relating to insurance coverages in the oil/gas, mining, construction, hotels.
Litigation and Arbitration Experience :
  • Our Partners and lawyers posses Advocate License to practice before the Indonesian Court and are experience in handling litigation matters in the Indonesian Court and arbitration in BANI, arising out of corporate / investments matters, loan /financing agreements, shipping issues, aircraft liabilities issues, insurance, labor, agency, land issues
  • representing and defending Clients corporate matters
  • handling litigation cases related to housing compound projects of Huffco Indonesia when our Partner was the in house lawyer of Huffco Indonesia ( now called Virginia Company),
  • disputes arising out of drilling operations between an Oil & Gas Company which is our Client and a certain drilling Company in BANI until receiving BANI Final and Binding Decision Award
  • representing and defending facing suit claim in the Court, arising between an Oil & Gas Company, where mutual settlement was reached.
  • defending Client in a Bankruptcy case.